Remote Management

The Remote Management Service enables the control,the monitoring and the remote operation of public lighting areas in real time.

System Settings

Every command is configurable: each action (such as switching the lights on, adapting light sensibility or activating "Lux" control mode) and its parameters can be manipulated by the customer."

Scheduling Controls

Customers can decide, for example, if certain areas must be shut down from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm, in Lux control mode from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm and in motion sensor mode from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am.


Agile and customized support for your company.

Easy programming

Programming can be done by groups and by categories, allowing the customer to create different schedules for different locations in a few clicks.

Remote Management

Remote management of lighting areas, with support for interactive map visualization, registration and editing, manual controls and telemetry visualization, with public lighting area listing and categorization.

Easy tracking of network issues:

Business Intelligence Module (B.I) for tracking occurrences - such as power consumption issues - by location and by period.

Intuitive Interface

Simple and intuitive interface to execute the complete management of the lighting system.

Camera Support

Support for any operating hardware: Our software adapts and supports all the features available in the previous operating hardwares. It has camera support for viewing and controlling spots, in addition to support for motion sensors.


Do you know Unidesk's Mobile Inventory module?

In the process of inventory creation, the staff fills in all the data collected at the point via the Android application. The most diverse information can be collected according to the customer's needs, such as: light pole's and lamp's type, power, relay, reactor, arm's type, pole's height and pavement's type.

Using the smartphone's GPS, the staff inserts database points in real time, including photos of the light pole.


Web Module for Validation and Adjustments

Changes, corrections and updates can be done easily on the web platform, through the geographic map of the registered points


Active Citizen App

You can track your Request via Citizen App, SMS and Email

  • Unidesk provides an useful tool to make the opening and following-up of requests easier for the citizen.
  • Reduces time to fulfill requests.
  • Prevents constant calls to the responsible company/county.
  • Provides the citizen the power to inspect public lighting services.

Discover the Mobile Used by Field Staff

Our App makes the work of field staff easier by covering the location of defective lighting points and by eliminating the use of paper.

  • Allows active inspections without the need for a previous Service Order.
  • Makes staff route planning easier.
  • Even if staffs are at a location with no network service Runs offline
  • Allows new Service Orders to be received, even if staffs are in the field.
  • Allows periodic perimeter inspections to be carried out, in order to identify defective points through the area.
  • Performs field staff monitoring via GPS, supervising the execution of any process.

Web Management Tools

One of our main tools is the Web Management Module. Here you can access information about maintenance in an objective and practical way.

Main Benefits

Execution of services supervision

SMS communication with citizens.

Mobile App for the user to request assistance.

Inventory Control.

24h Website.

Management of done & not done inspections.

Management reports.

Quick identification and location of lighting points.

Georeferenced map of lighting spots.

Warranty execution.

Instalando placa Postes iluminados

We do the georeferencing of the lighting points

With GisWorks you manage the maintenance tasks of Public Lighting in a practical and agile way. Our software is intuitive and comprehensive and will help you achieve cost savings, failure rates decrease, deadlines meeting and many other benefits that you will see below.

  • Placing of lighting points.
  • Georeferenced registration of lighting points.
  • Data collection and analysis.

Several brazilian companies are relying on Unidesk

Experienced and qualified, Unidesk provides services for small and large companies in different activities.

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